PPC Managment

We Specialize in Pay Per Click Management:

When it comes to Pay Per Click Management , ITDevelopment.ee is the company to choose. You see, we go above and beyond just “managing” Pay Per Click campaigns, we go the extra mile to ensure that you get the most out of them. We know that in order for you see results from your campaigns you have to do more than just drive a lot traffic to your site, you have to drive the “right” traffic to your site. At ITDevelopment.eewe know just how to do that.

When you call ITDevelopment.ee, we take the time to find out who you are, what your business does or offers and then discuss what direction you really want or need to be headed in with your Pay Per Click Campaigns. By taking the time to get to know you, our dedicated team of internet marketing experts can do in-depth targeted traffic keyword research , strategic SEO site analysis and then develop a campaign strategy just for you that will help you pay less, get more clicks, and higher conversion rates.

Pay Per Click Management

We know that once a customer clicks and lands on your page, they need to be able to see immediately what it was they were searching for. As a matter of fact, many campaigns fail for this very reason. And many times people are punished by the search engines because the ads they are running are not totally relevant to the landing page of their site. This is where ITDevelopment.ee really DOMINATES in PPC Management. As mentioned earlier, we are more than just a Pay Per Click managing company. We are a full fledged internet marketing company. Using our knowledge and expertise in keyword research, extensive Search Engine Optimization and computer programming, we will create a keyword rich, completely SEO optimized landing page that will deliver exactly the information that your ads have promised. This makes your customers happy, the search engines happy and will end up making you happy with a higher ROI.

Integrating SEO with Pay Per Click is Extremely Powerful

By combining pay per click management with Advanced SEO techniques IT Development can literally put your website on steroids. The Faculty members of IT Development take ppc management to an all new level by SEO optimizing your website for your main keywords. Not only will this increase your site’s Relevancy and Quality Score for those keywords but this strategy will also help you get more free traffic from google as your site climbs higher in search engine rankings.

AbsolutelyDominate is NOT Just a Pay Per Click Management Company.

IT Development specializes in Adwords Management, Search Engine Optimization and Article Marketing. We are distinctly differ from most ppc management companies in that we have the ability to offer our clients world class Pay Per Click management, SEO and Advanced Article Marketing services.
SEO and Article Marketing are terrific ways of getting free traffic from major search engines. The unique combination of all three traffic strategies help our clients dominate their competition on both adwords and organic search.
Pay Per Impression

Instead of always paying for your clicks many times it’s more cost effective to pay per impression. Another words, you only pay after your ad has been shown a certain number of times. We at IT Development also have proprietary adwords management software which allows us to zero in on the sites which are most profitable for you to advertise on and most relevant to your specific product or service. Using site targeted advertising is a great way to get a large amount of exposure for your business and is very effective when used with Pay Per Impression bidding.
MSN and Yahoo PPC Management

Many times it can be very profitable to advertise using MSN Ad Center and Yahoo Search Marketing as well as Google Adwords but in order to save our clients from unnecessary spending we believe is is extremely important to perfect clients’ campaigns in Google Adwords before advertising in MSN and Yahoo.

Google Adwords is the most advanced Pay Per Click network on the internet. In professional ppc management campaigns are first perfected in Google and as a result end up being more efficient in MSN and Yahoo.

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