Our Professional PPC and SEO Services have helped multiple companies and businesses get massive exposure accross the internet. Whether you're looking to dominate your market using Pay Per Click Advertising such as Google Adwords, or get ton's of 'Free Traffic' by getting your website listed high in the Search Engines - We can help!

We're a Conversion Focused company and we know what it takes to help you succeed with your online advertising.

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Conversion Focused PPC/Adwords Management and SEO Management Services

Expert PPC Management – World Class Adwords Management Services

Not Just An Adwords Management Company

If you are looking for an Adwords management company that LISTENS to its clients, COMMUNICATES with its clients, and implements a TAILORED strategy just for them, then you have come to the right place. IT Development can transform your Adwords campaign into a vibrant, lead-generating machine.

We begin by listening to you and custom-tailoring a strategic plan that is tailored exclusively for you. We don’t use cookie-cutter tactics or one-size-fits-all campaign tactics. Instead, we approach each company’s situation from a fresh perspective, implementing an advanced strategic plan, where we look at your situation from all angles.

What distinguishes us from our competition is our extensive knowledge of basic direct and internet marketing techniques. Our goal doesn’t stop with helping you get more leads; we want to help you increase conversions and increase profitability.

We want to help you get repeat business. We also want to help you get free leads, too (Ask us how)!

Expert PPC Management

ITDevelopment.ee uses some of the most advanced PPC Management strategies in the entire PPC Industry. The IT Development Team includes several faculty members, as well as a professional staff, highly trained and skilled in the art of Adwords Campaign Management.

What sets ITDevelopment.ee apart from all other PPC Management Companies is the fact that IT Development provides clients with far more than just ppc management.

Look at Just SOME of Our Areas of Expertise:

Google Adwords Campaign Management (pay per click, pay per impression, content network, etc.)
High-Quality, High-Converting Landing Pages
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Article Marketing
Website Conversion Tracking
Web Analytics
Copywriting for Ads, Landing Pages, and Home Pages
Opt-in Expertise and List-Building
Auto-Responder Set-up, Management and Copyrighting
Social Networking
Viral Marketing
Stick Strategies

Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management is really a misnomer these days because managing a Google Adwords (and other search marketing campaign) is a LOT more than just managing clicks. Smart Adwords management means not only knowing how to use other Adwords strategies – such as pay-per-impression – but WHEN it is appropriate to use them.

ITDevelopment.ee devotes literally tens of thousands of dollars each year toward the continuing education of its faculty members so that we are always using the latest, cutting-edge and proven tactics and strategies for our customers in an effort to maximize their marketing budgets in a way that positively impacts their bottom lines.

So whether it’s PPC Management, Pay Per Impression Management, or Cost Per Action, ITDevelopment.ee is the company you can trust to handle your Adwords management needs.

More Than PPC Management

You don’t just want IT Development to manage your PPC Management. What you REALLY want to do is make money and dominate your marketplace and your competition. If that’s the case then you are going to need more than just an Adwords expert.

You are going to need a company that knows and understands internet marketing – specifically, direct marketing on the internet. Everyone these days claims to be adwords consultants, while few really know the particulars of direct marketing on the internet and how that actually applies to an adword or any other search marketing campaign.

Why is this skill important? Do you want to pay a bunch of money in advertising only to see most of your prospects fail to buy? Even if you have a 10+% conversion rate like Amazon, what do you do about the other 90% that did not buy? What is your strategy for that?

Are you tracking visits, unique visitors, keyword searches, and conversions? Have you defined the most important 3 metrics that everyone needs to know? Did your Adwords management company sit down with you and do that?

No, you don’t want Google Adwords Management – you want total solutions management from a company that will help you absolutely dominate your competition and increase your profitability beyond your wildest dreams.

SEO Management and Article Marketing

The Maximum-Rank Business Article Marketing Strategy was invented by the faculty of IT Development for the sole purpose of making businesses receive maximum search engine rankings from Article Marketing.

The Max-Rank Article Marketing Strategy is a unique part of our SEO Management system and is comprised of a complex system in which every aspect of Article Marketing is perfected and tailored to return the maximum amount of traffic and search engine ranking for online businesses.

Unlike most run-of-the-mill article marketing strategies the Max- Rank strategy includes the use of Blogging, Article SEO, Advanced Article Submission Techniques. (Most companies don’t even know about this yet), and also Special Article Marketing Strategies that 99% of Article Marketers don’t even know exist.

We at IT Development believe Article Marketing is not just a numbers game. We highly believe it is a Science that once perfected can return high value to our clients in the form of free leads and great search engine ranking. Call now to find out more about our Professional SEO Company and seo management services and our amazing SEO Pricing.